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The love story between bees and the Fedon family starts long before the 60’s. Jean Fedon is just the young son of Limousin farmers when he starts watching bees coming and going at the entrance of the straw hive at the back of the garden.
Years later, he’d make beekeeping his job. The progressive acquisition of several hundred hives would then allow his wife, Solange, to sell honey and gingerbread at markets.

Always willing to learn and understand, Jean wouldn’t hesitate to innovate by filing technical patents which are recognised today. He would also get involved in the beekeeping industry to the point of undertaking national responsibilities.

From a very early age, his son Thierry would assist him, only to later perfect his beekeeping learning process on all five continents before going back to his home region to practise his passion.
Today, he and his team manage the 1500 hives spread across the Limousin hills. Together, they master the techniques of queen bee and swarm raising, essential for honey production.
Willing to share her husband’s passion, Svetlana joins Thierry to promote the production, manage the communication as well as the customer relationship.


Respectful of nature and people, we pride ourselves on authenticity when it comes to the making of our products. Fruit of the alchemy between man, nature and bees, our honeys change with the seasons. Weather is a magic ingredient which, combined with passion, makes our honeys unique and delicious.

Thierry loves to share, especially through the transmission of his know-how and his love for this fascinating job. Free and always in the open and fresh air of the Limousin countryside, he creates, innovates and keeps questioning nature in order to get astonishing flavours!


There’s energy and a cheerful mood among all of us as well as a nice complementarity allowing us to succeed in all our adventures.

To sum up, an ideal cocktail whose ingredients are the following:


After an engineering career in an international company, this “bee-addict” has joined us, adding her feminine touch to the team. Always on the lookout for our harvests, Svetlana is unparalleled when it comes to praising our delicious honeys.


Since he was a child, his five senses have been alert and attentive to bees and nature and the sixth one is often useful to predict the good choices to be made during the season. Thierry looks after his team as well as he does his bees.


He has been by our side for 30 years now and bees hold no secrets for him. An astute observer, Bruno is an expert at monitoring the colonies. He knows the honey house by heart and honey extraction is his exclusive domain.


A young engineer, he’s eager to understand beekeeping and to blossom through this passion. Edgar is in charge of the organization and development of the production process.

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